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Worldwide export of slats


Worldwide export of slats

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Our experience

We have many years of experience exporting slats abroad. Throughout the years, we have delivered to the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, Germany, England, Belarus and Australia among lots of other countries. The strategic placement of our two production plants in Denmark and Poland, gives us the opportunity to export easily to our neighbor countries in North-, Eastern- and Central Europe. As well as our closely placement nearby the main harbor of Denmark offers us the opportunity to export worldwide for low costs.

An optimized delivery

We are focused on transporting slats as efficiently and cheap as possible. When shipping slats abroad in containers, we collaborate with other suppliers of agricultural equipment to exploit the space to a maximum to reduce the numbers of containers needed for shipping abroad. As an example for optimized shipping, we are able to mention a client nearby Brisbane, Australia. We reduced the needs of containers by one; just by collaborate with other suppliers of equipment and optimizing the packing into the containers.

Price exsamples of shipping cost

We have calculated price exsamples of shipping to a few selected countries: Sweden, Scotland and Australia. We hope this will give an idea of the cost to your home country. Do not hesitate to contract us for a specific offer of shipping to your country.

Exporting to Gotland, Sweden (by truck)

We have delivered 30 tons of slats to a client in Gotland, Sweden. The slats were sent by truck from our production unit in Jutland, Denmark. The total cost for our client was 2250 EURO

Exporting to Aberdeenshire, Scotland (by truck)

We have delivered six trucks of fully loaded slats from Denmark to Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The transportation time was 4-6 days. Each truck was loaded with 28 tons. The total cost of one truck was 3070 EURO.

Exporting to Brisbane, Australia (by ship)

We have shipped one container of slats to our client in Brisbane, Australia. The total weight was 28 tons, and the price was 1500 EURO


The listed prices in EURO are calculated using the currency of the date of the given offer, and can vary over time.

Contact us for a noncommittal offer of shipping to your country.